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We provide vinyl flooring installation services with cashback. Save while you enhance the look of your home!

Kitchen package: from $750/service

2-room: from $1200/service

3-room: from $1600/service

4-room: from $2200/service

5-room: from $2900/service

*All prices listed are before discounts and GST.

Additional charges will apply for the following:

  1. Skirting
  2. Laminate removal and disposal
  3. Moving of furniture
  4. Door shaving
  5. Hacking
  6. Cement screeding
  7. Self-levelling

An official invoice will be given prior to start of project. This will ensure NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure the quality of vinyl tiles?
At, we only work with experts and professionals. Rest assured, our vinyl installation will be conducted by trained professionals with years of experience.
Do I need a protector on my vinyl floor for my rolling desk chair?
Even though vinyl flooring has a tough surface layer, it’s a good idea to use a mat under desk chairs. Over time, rolling desk chairs might cause some wear and tear. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
What is vinyl flooring made of?
Vinyl is a synthetic material made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) along with other compounds to give the vinyl sheets their required hardness, colour, and flexibility. The top layer is composed of a clear, urethane-based coating.
Should we clean vinyl floor on a frequent basis?
Although most vinyl flooring is water-resistant, detergent can still affect the shine of the floor if the water is left on it for an extended period of time. Therefore, wipe any water on the floor and don’t let it stay there for too long. This also goes for any other type of liquid including pet droppings.
How long does Vinyl flooring lasts?
The average shelf life of vinyl flooring is 10-20 years. However, if it is not maintained properly, it can start to break down earlier. Similarly, if maintained and managed well, it can last more than 20 years.
Any disadvantages to vinyl flooring?
In terms of beautifying your house, vinyl flooring doesn’t add up quite like natural surfaces such as wood or stone. While vinyl flooring is also noted for its durability, it can get scratched and occasionally be difficult to repair or demolish. Try to avoid installing vinyl flooring in rooms with heavy sunlight because repeated exposure may cause the finish to fade.
How much flooring is needed for a room?
Calculating how much vinyl flooring you’ll need for a project is usually simple. Firstly, determine the total square footage of a room by multiplying the length and width of the floor. Add 5-10 percent to this number for wastage just in case – more may be required if your room has a lot of angles and corners that will require additional cuts. Then, look at how many square feet are in each box of vinyl flooring you are looking to purchase. Next, divide the total square footage of flooring you’ll need by the number of square feet in each box. This will tell you how many boxes to purchase.
Are vinyl flooring harmful to toddlers or pets?
Our flooring contractors have been carefully selected and have a good reputation in their industry. All the products and materials used are medically certified and will not have any side effects on toddlers or pets.
How To Maintain Parquet Flooring
Parquet flooring requires minimum maintenance. Regular cleaning and mopping will ensure that no tough stains on the floor that would call for removal.
How To Remove Stains From Parquet Flooring?

If there are any stains on the parquet flooring, try to remove it with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. If the stain still persists, you can use a non-abrasive wood cleaner with a soft cloth to gently remove the stain.

To remove stains which seem to affect the shine of the parquet floor, use a specially designed cleaner to wipe off the stain. You may need to use fine steel wool to remove the stain followed by a layer of wax designed for parquet floors. This will bring back the shine on the floor.

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