Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will provide you with an estimated start date and the time frame when you use us to complete the project. In many instances, there will be other contractors working on the project during a remodel, for example, which can cause minor delays. We believe in constant communication, which makes the completion technique much smoother.

No. We will review your work with you personally and provide you with a comprehensive quote If there are any modifications that have been made along the way, you may want to add another item that we hadn’t addressed before, a written change order will be drafted for your assessment before anything goes further. So we can make sure that the client and we, the contractor, are on the same page.

If no change order is produced, we stand by the price that we initially quoted for the job.

Yes. We tell our clients many times we’re very particular about hygiene.

After the project is complete, we do another thorough inspection of the premises to make sure nothing is left behind and we bring our mess with us!

Yes. However, the alternative becomes quite evident when you weigh the risks of doing it yourself to the benefits of hiring a licensed professional to do the work. Whether it’s as small as installing a fixture or as large as tackling wiring for a family room in the cellar, it’s always best to have a specialist do the work when considering any Electrical work.


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Our promise and values

Get Cashback: The more you spend, the more you save! We have a huge variety of home services ALL with cashback!

All that you need in one place: Skip the hassle of browsing through multiple sites for different home services - we cover them all! From flooring, aircon, cleaning, painting, and more. You name it, we offer it!

Quality Service: Our vendors are carefully selected and checked, to ensure the best customer satisfaction for your home services.