Frequently Asked Questions

System 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 refers to split unit aircon systems whereby a single outdoor compressor is connected to multiple aircon units indoors.
System 1 means a single compressor is connected to only 1 indoor aircon unit and System 2 means a compressor is connected to only 2 units indoors.
Which system you choose depends on your requirements and needs of your area. If you require 2 aircons, choose System 2.
If you require 3 aircons, choose System 3 and so on.

British Thermal Unit (BTU) is used to indicate the power of the aircon. Choosing the right BTU is important, because an aircon with a too low BTU may not cool the room as required. While a too high BTU can be too costly. For most HDB units, we recommend 9,000 BTU for bedrooms and 18,000 BTU for the living room. For a 5 room living room, we recommend a stronger BTU of 24,000.

Typically, HDB installation requires a full day. For Private and Commercial properties, it depends on the number of air conditioners to be installed and the complexities of the installation which include:
1. Accessibility to exact installation site
2. Height of installation
3. Extent of wiring and piping to run

For people that move into a new house, most would prefer to install a new air-con unless they have a budget concern. However, many people consider a re-conditioned air conditioner because they only need the air con for a short period of time or they are renting out the unit. If you are lucky, you may be able to purchase re-conditioned air-cons which are pretty new. Some people sold their air con after a short period of usage for different types of reasons. Take note that the key to getting clean and cool air is how you maintain the air conditioners over time. Therefore, to many people, it doesn’t really matter whether the air conditioner is new or old. Most important is whether the air conditioner is able to cool the room to their expectation.

With regular aircon servicing, an aircon can last about 6-7 years.

There are 2 main reasons why your aircon is leaking.
1. Choke in your drainage pipes : In this case, we will clear the choke for you in your drainage pipes.

2. Over-condensation of water droplets on your evaporating coils. In this case, we will advise you to do chemical wash to remove the dirt and dust in your aircon unit.

There are various reasons as to why your aircon is not cold but here are some of the possibilities:
1. Internally clogged with too much dirt and dust

2. Your system is short of gas.

3. Capacitor is faulty.

4. Thermistor faulty

5. PCB (Printed Circuit Board) faulty

There are numerous other issues that your aircon could be facing such as a gas leak etc. Hence, it is always important to let an experienced technician conduct a proper assessment before any job is done so the right problem can be fixed with the right solution.

You will need to do gas top up when your system is short of the R410a or R22 gas. This is a refrigerant that enables the exchange of heat from the outside with the heat inside your room. A gas top up should never be done when the system is full of gas already.

A chemical wash is done to keep your aircon thoroughly clean and functioning at optimal temperature. This is better than normal general servicing but not as thorough as a chemical overhaul. In a chemical wash, the chemicals are applied to the evaporating coils without dismantling the fan coil unit.

A chemical wash will ensure that the evaporating coils, air filters and water trays are cleaned properly. This prevents mold growth that can potentially affect your health and general well-being. On the other hand, a chemical overhaul is even more thorough as we will dismantle the whole aircon unit, apply a chemical wash for each dismantled part and then put it back. This will ensure a fool proof clean for your aircon’s insides and also completely remove all mold. Note that chemical wash procedures do not consist of dismantling as is done at the aircon itself with proper containment equipment to prevent any leakages on your floor.


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