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Welcome. is Singapore’s first home services platform that offers customers savings in the form of cashback. Customers can get cashback on home services such as air conditioning (AC) servicing and installation, vinyl flooring installation, cleaning, carpentry, and so much more!

Why Are We Giving Cashback?

Let’s first begin by saying that there is a huge matching problem plaguing the home services and reno industry. See, when you’re looking for a service, vendors have to outbid each other in order to win your business and get matched to you.

This outbidding process basically drives acquisition costs sky high and in some cases may go up to 40%! Now, you might think that that’s not your problem but it is. Why? Because you’re literally the one paying for it. Vendors have no choice but to pass on these expensive matching fees to customers in order to stay afloat and earn a margin.

Let’s take a look at one example. You require 4 units of aircon servicing totalling $120. Job is done, all well and good. The vendor goes off to his next job and you’re happy. The truth of the matter is that, out of that $120, a good $40 actually went to the paid platform that you used to match with the vendor.

Did Somebody Say Daylight Robbery?

If you ask us, that sounds like daylight robbery from someone who’s just matching you to a decent vendor. Why should the paid platform be charging such a high premium for this supposed matching. Sounds like a heck of an inefficient and unsustainable process, right?

Sure, But How Prevalent Is This Problem?

Just Google any service out there and you will find that there are many vendors who are competing with each other for your click and your business. Daily, a single vendor may spend anywhere from $100 to $500 and that’s just one vendor, in one particular service in one vertical in the home services industry. Multiply that by the number of services and the number of verticals and the number of companies and you have the excess fat to the tune of millions daily that we strongly believe needs trimming.

We Can Have It Better

See, we could all have it better, way way better. At, we believe in a more sustainable and equitable matching model. One that doesn’t force vendors to outbid each other. When customers come to us directly, we share in the amount of what would have otherwise been paid to the paid platforms for the matching. Hence, you, the customer, get rewarded a part of what would have been the vendor’s advertising costs by coming to us directly for home services. You can get up to $100 cashback per booking for home and reno services at

Cashback Aside, Here’s A Bunch Of Other Things You, Our Customers Stand To Gain

Information to Help You Become a Smarter Consumer

We’re equipping you with a whole lot of great content to understand the services you require better. Dispel the myths, learn how your air-conditioners function, why they’re malfunctioning, how to clean them and never get cheated by a shady contractor, technician or plumber trying to upsell you unnecessarily ever again.

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Transparent Pricing and No Hidden Fees

Apart from our content, we’re committed towards transparent pricing and no hidden fees. That is why you will see all our prices listed on our website with no hidden fees or surprise fees. Your checkout will even tell you the amount of cashback you’re able to use, and the cashback you’re earning from that booking. Most importantly, you will feel a sense of empowerment that comes from the assurance that you are not being squeezed.

Bundled Deals To Help You Save Even More

We understand that some homeowners often require more than one home service at a time. Engage multiple different contractors and it takes time and lacks savings. Engage an interior designer and suffer the heavy markup, or lastly, engage just one contractor, and he subcons that job out to his friend at an additional cost.

Our solution to this? Bundle packages with big savings! With bundles, you can save even more time and money. Each additional service in your bundle guarantees anywhere from $50 to $100 of savings to you!

Only The Best Guys for The Job

With so many vendors out there, how do you know which ones are good ones? That’s where we come in, to act as a filter. Our internal system consistently reviews vendors and assigns jobs only to those with better ratings. Hence, you can be assured that only the best guy available for your job will be assigned to you. No more substandard service quality!

We Are The Future

With more than 10,000 users to date, and more than 100 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook, we are here, and will be the new and improved way in which you consume home services. Join us in our goal to revolutionize the home and reno services industry by creating a more sustainable and equitable ecosystem for all.

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